10 reasons to include hemp seeds into your diet

July 09, 2016

10 reasons to include hemp seeds into your diet

There is an array of superfoods which are highly beneficial for you, but it’s hard to find something as natural and as beneficial as hemp seeds. While most of you might know them as a source of proteins for vegans, this healthy solution far exceeds these limitations. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons for which you should consider including them into your diet.

Powerful Protein Source 

Hemp seeds are one of the most well-known protein sources. 3 tablespoons of these little seeds are going to provide you with a total of 11 grams of complete proteins which is incredibly good for you.

High Count of Omega 3 

3 tablespoons of these hemp seeds are going to provide you with 3 grams of the highly beneficial and very healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. This is the same amount which is provided by fish oil pills, and it’s going to stimulate proper brain function.

Easy to Digest 

This superfood is easily digested in comparison to other nuts and seeds. This is also the easiest for digestion protein source and that’s definitely very good for you as it allows proper metabolism functions.

High Counts of Fibres 

A single serving of 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds consists of 7 grams of fibres. This is overly healthy and particularly useful if you want to get rid of that cholesterol and keeping your blood sugar levels at bay,

Zero Saturated Fats 

Another reason for which hemp seeds are good for you is that they have no saturated fats as well as harmful fats or unhealthy oils. The only thing you’d want to consider is storing them in the fridge in order to prevent rancidity.

They are Great Against Depression 

This is one of the most effective ways to battle anxiety which could turn out to be incredibly healthy and good for you. This is because they have a lot of brain-boosting ingredients, vitamins, and minerals.

They Aren’t expensive

Hemp seeds are incredibly cost-efficient. Comparing them to other superfoods would let you understand how cheap they are in reality.

They Are Good For Your Skin

This is due to the high count of Omega 3 fats which are going to help with the lubrication of your skin cells from the inside. This is going to provide a natural repellent against inflammation which is incredibly healthy.

They Prevent Constipation 

The high count of fibre is incredibly beneficial because it makes the hemp seeds easy to digest. This makes this superfood incredibly effective against constipation.

Lean Mass of Muscles 

This is due to the high count of complete proteins which is found in the hemp seeds. That’s definitely good for you and it’s going to provide you with a chance to build a lean muscle mass.

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