10 tips to improve your sleep naturally

September 16, 2016

10 tips to improve your sleep naturally

The importance of sleep has already been stated and proven, but it is quite clear that in a fast-moving lifestyle that we lead today people can hardly find enough time for a good and quality sleep. The reasons for staying awake all night long are numerous, from working or studying late to being unable to sleep due to various concerns, life worries and stress. However, the fact that sleep is crucial for the proper functioning of our organism means all those who have insomnia and sleeping issues should pay attention to improving their sleep. The best way for improving one's sleep is a natural way. That is why we present you ten tips you can use in case you need to improve your sleep naturally.

Go To Sleep And Wake Up At The Same Time

Once you establish a regular sleep-wake cycle, you will have much more energy and strength to endure the tough day at work. If you go to sleep at the same time every night, and if you get up from bed at the same time every morning, you will set your body's internal clock and thus make your sleep more quality. It is recommendable to go to bed once you feel tired so that you can fall asleep right away instead of tossing and turning. After setting your internal clock, you will soon wake up even without your alarm clock beeping.

Avoid Phone, TV, Or Bright Lights Two Hours Before You Go To Sleep 

Many of us enjoy watching TV before going to bed, and a vast majority even falls asleep with their TV being turned on. In recent time, a lot of people go to bed with their smartphones. Some of them fall asleep with the earphones in their ears, listening to music. However, research has shown that quality sleep mainly depends on avoiding bright lights, TV screen or your smartphone. In case you really want to carry your phone with yourself, it would be helpful to turn the brightness down, and thus prevent a sleepless night. 

Quit Coffee And Cigarettes

Drinking black coffee, especially at night, will cause you toss and turn in your bed the whole evening. But, you should also know that caffeine stays in your organism and can bring you sleepless night even twelve hours after you drink it. When it comes to cigarettes, they are also proven to contribute to insomnia. That is why smokers should refrain from using tobacco tightly before bedtime.

Aerate Your Bedroom Before You Go To Sleep

Stale air in your bedroom can also be a cause for sleepless nights. However, a good practice for a better sleep is to wind your sleeping area one or two hours before you decide to go to bed. Clean, cold and fresh air will clear your mind and evoke your body to sleeping mode. 

Get Regular Exercise

Introducing exercises to your way of life will be a plus to your health. Apart from health benefits related to body shape and muscle development, exercises will make you will less sleepy during the day, but the quality of your sleep will undoubtedly be improved. Hence, the more you exercise, the better the quality of your sleep. But, in case you decide to have light exercises during the day, even if they consider only 10-minute walk, you will have benefits, and your sleep will be far better than it used to be.

Pay Attention To Your Nutrition

Dinner is extremely important for one's sleep. That is why heavy dinner does not come into consideration if you want to have a continuous, quality sleep. Instead, take something light, a plant-based meal such as a salad. Try avoiding chocolate since it contains caffeine and can make you spend several hours with eyes wide open. Therefore, light meals should become your regular dinners.

Don't Nap During The Day

Many people take a nap in the afternoon after they come home from work. But afternoon naps may cause various sleeping disorders. If you spend an hour or two sleeping during the day, you can disrupt your natural body's clock and thus spend nights awake instead of having a firm and long sleep. For that reason, we recommend you to avoid your afternoon sleep. In this way, you will preserve your health in many ways.

Relax Before You Go To Bed

A hard, stressful and busy working day is more than enough. So, when you come home, try to relax. Watch television, read a book, take a bath or listen to calm, divine music and relax your body and your mind before going to sleep. Only then will you be capable of having a sound and carefree sleep. Many people practice yoga, and research has proved it highly effective in improving the quality of one's sleep. Once you get home from work and decide to prepare yourself for bed, make sure to avoid stressful situations, tense conversations, and other psychologically hard activities.

Buy A Proper Pillow

Ensure that you have a good pillow that will support your spinal column, but that is also free of allergens. People who started to change their pillows at least every several years have stated that their sleep is quality and even much better than it has been in past. 

Have A Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea not only tastes good, but it also has sleep-inducing benefits. Therefore, should you go to sleep in an hour or two, don't hesitate to have a cup of warm, chamomile tea. It will calm you down and prepare your body for a quality rest in bed. However, apart from chamomile, there are other herbs that can help you solve your sleeping disorders. Valerian is an excellent choice as well, but you can also try with lemon grass, orange blossoms, tilia flowers, or rosebuds.

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