Amazing Aloe Vera

June 21, 2016

Amazing Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant with many benefits to the inside and outside of your body. It has so many applications that it is now being added to a whole host of products. From the skin to the gut aloe vera is something that everyone should have in their home as it has uses for the whole family…even pets! 

Menopause treatment

Every woman at some point in her life goes through the menopause. The hot flushes can be so overwhelming that many turn to HRT to help them through the transition. Aloe Vera has cooling properties that are able to help cool women down during a hot flush and can even be used to help treat vaginal dryness without chemicals. 

Protects the body against illness

From the common coughs and colds to the flu that can knock you off your feet for weeks at a time, aloe vera when taken regularly can help you prevent getting sick even when you are in a closed environment with others that are poorly. This is why many people in health care environments use aloe vera products to naturally combat illness. 

Natural detox

In the modern world the body is always coming into contact with toxicity. This can increase aging, be a contributory factor to skin, stomach and bowel problems. As a natural detoxification product you can restore your bowels to normal function which can help you to reduce bloating and even lose around 5% of your current body weight as a result. 


The natural antibacterial properties make aloe vera great for treating problematic skin including acne, dry skin conditions and even burns and cuts. You can use it to treat your external problems as well as internal such as stomach bugs, infection and just generally restoring your body’s balance. When the body is in balance it can work better to help you feel revitalised and avoid numerous health problems. 

Cholesterol reduction

Cholesterol is a big problem that affects lots of men and women. Raised levels of cholesterol can lead to circulatory problems including, stroke, heart attack and even erectile dysfunction. It has even been shown when taken internally to help reduce blood sugar levels which is great news for people that have pre-diabetes or are at risk of developing it. 

Amazing way to take aloe vera

To take aloe vera internally one of the tastiest ways is in a smoothie. As aloe vera can have a bitter taste the smoothie is able to hide it to give you a refreshing drink that is good for you. To make an aloe vera smoothie, scrape the gel straight from the leaf and into your blender for a great morning drinkable breakfast. Drink it every single morning for up to two weeks to allow it to get to work cleaning out your digestive tract. This will stop food that you have eaten from stagnating making you feel tired and help to eliminate the associated bloating. It can also help to get rid of inflammation within the body. 

For external use scrape the gel from the leaf and put straight onto burns, cuts and spots. This can help to cool the area and reduce inflammation without the need for chemicals that can have a whole host of side effects. Because the plant is all natural you will not experience the drying that you would usually from products you have bought.

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