Burning The Midnight Oil? It's Not Worth It...

August 24, 2016

Burning The Midnight Oil? It's Not Worth It...

Many people today would not mind if the day lasted for 25 -26 or even more hours, instead of just 24. With so many things to do every day, this idea sounds entirely reasonable. But since that is probably not going to change soon, most of the people choose the other solution - staying up late. Unfortunately, this usually becomes a habit so you spend days or even weeks without proper sleep, and that can be very dangerous. Your body needs to rest so it could regenerate and prepare itself for the next day and obstacles that lay in front of you. The lack of sleep can prevent this rejuvenation process and thus create some serious health disorders. 

The Immune System Weakens

The human body has a natural shield that protects it from all kinds of bacteria or viruses, and it is called immune system. Many factors affect its efficiency and getting enough of sleep is one of the most crucial. The immune system will produce far fewer numbers of antibodies if you stay up late and thus decrease its chances to protect your organism. 

Sleeping Disorders As Frequent Consequences

People who regularly burn down the midnight oil can suffer from all kinds of sleeping disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea or narcolepsy. It starts as a bad habit but if the process continues it can develop into one of these disorders that can seriously affect your health and proper functioning. Each of these conditions will make it harder for you to fall asleep, as well as staying awake, so you may start to feel like a zombie. In some cases, people with sleep disorders have to face nightmares and even sleepwalking. Anxiety is just one of the many common, negative consequences that you will have to face, so try to get enough of sleep before getting into such a state. 

Staying Up Late Improves the Chances of Heart Attack

Our lifestyle is responsible for our health, and when we say the word 'lifestyle', we consider not only proper nutrition and regular exercise, but also regular sleeping hours. You are most certainly among those people who sacrificed at least couple of nights in order to catch up on some unfinished obligations. It was surely very hard to cope with tiredness and the lack of energy the next few days after the sleepless night. For that reason, it is of utmost importance that you stop burning the midnight oil and start introducing regular sleeping hours. Studies conducted in the USA state that staying up late in order to study or finish some work largely contribute to the possibility of getting a heart attack. In case you are working 11 hours or more per day, you have 67% higher chances to develop heart issues in only couple of years. Hence, pay attention to your health. No career is more important than your well-being.

Regular Sleep Improves Your Good Shape 

Staying awake late in the night means many bad things. For example, how many times have you stayed up late studying, and in addition, eating? We suppose many times. Indeed, snacking late at night can be quite dangerous. But, to be honest, what else can you do while you are awake at 2 am when everybody else is sleeping tight? Not much, but to, perhaps, go to sleep and thus avoid eating disorders. Namely, nutritionists connect the lack of sleep with obesity. Namely, too little sleep affects your body's appetite regulation and hormones related to it. Therefore, next time you notice you have gained some weight, think well about the number of sleepless nights you spent working and studying. Try introducing more regular sleeping hours into your life, and many health issues will simply decrease or even disappear. 

Don't Think You Can Compensate the Lack of Your Sleep During the Weekend

If you really have many obligations and a lot of unfinished work, and you still choose to spend sleepless, working nights, don't deceive yourselves into thinking that you can make it all up during the weekend. Our brain does not function that way, and we can't just compensate the missed sleeping hours. Circadian rhythms are synchronised to the rotation of the Earth. Hence, when the sun is down, you are supposed to be sleeping, not working or studying. Bear in mind this fact the next time you decide to spend the weekend sleeping to make up the sleepless nights during the working week. 

However, the positive thing is to introduce the so-called regenerating sleep. It is a kind of sleep that enables you to compensate energy you have spent during the hard working day, and should you improve your sleep, then make sure you introduce a regular regenerating sleep between 9-11 pm. And in case you are a person who gets up in the evening and can't go back to bed, you may try some of the herbs like valerian and thus mitigate your sleeping disorders.

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