Eat More Beetroot! 10 Great Reasons To Include More Beetroot In Your Diet

June 19, 2016

Eat More Beetroot! 10 Great Reasons To Include More Beetroot In Your Diet

There are many great vegetables you should start adding to your regular diet and beetroot is definitively one of them. This amazing purple root has many beneficial impacts on your body, and we will just give you the list of top ten.

  Lowers Your Blood Pressure Levels

Beetroot has many essential components, and one of those are nitrates. They create a gas called nitric oxides that will help widen your arteries. That way your blood will have a smoother flow which will lower your pressure. That way you will keep your heart healthy and intact and reduce the possibility of having a stroke. 

Anaemia Does Not Have Chances With Beetroot

Common health issues mostly found in children, but also frequent in adults is anaemia. It can cause various problems to your health, and for that reason, doctors consistently advise you to eat more foods that help in treating anaemia. One of the best foods that make this health issue go away is beetroot. Anyone who has ever faced anaemia will know that foods rich in iron help treating it, so don't hesitate to introduce beetroot to your diet on a daily basis. Its iron content will surely assist you in managing this dangerous health state. 

Reduces Cholesterol and Prevents Plaque Formation

Many people all around the world have issues with high cholesterol that can cause some serious problems. Some say that this is the leading reason for most major illnesses today. But beetroot can help you resolve that concern because it is full of soluble fibres, flavonoids and betacyanin. They are very powerful antioxidants that will prevent cholesterol from depositing in your arteries. So if you start using beetroot, you will protect your heart and reduce the need for medications.

Beetroot Fights Cancer

Howard University from Washington DC conducted a research according to which beetroot was found an excellent means for fighting cancer. Namely, this incredible vegetable contains betacyanin contents that are responsible for slowing the growth of cancer cells in patients with breast and prostate cancer. Hence, should you want to decrease the possibility of getting this malicious disease, introduce beetroot to your diet as soon as possible? 

Beetroot Beats Osteoporosis

Calcium is a mineral that is indispensable for proper development of bones and teeth. And those who lack calcium can face with various health issues such as osteoporosis and brittle bone disease. But it is not enough to have a regular intake of calcium, on the contrary, you also need another mineral called silica. This mineral helps the body to use efficiently its levels of calcium. Therefore, beetroot is one of the not so many herbs that is rich with this critical component. 

Keeps Diabetes Under Check

People who have diabetes have to be very careful with the levels of their sugar intake. And beetroot is a perfect vegetable for this population since it releases sugars very slowly into the blood. That means you will fulfil your sweet craving but will also maintain your blood sugar at the low level.

Beetroot Beats Constipation

Constipation may be an extremely hard health issue, especially for those people who fight it for a long time. Constant constipation can indeed cause major health concerns with even a deadly outcome. For that reason, it is of the utmost importance to find the natural means for fighting constipation. And beetroot is undoubtedly natural and very helpful in this case. It contains a lot of fibre and may act as a natural laxative. Beetroot will surely soften your stools and clean the toxins out of your stomach. Therefore, it can be a natural medicine that substitutes various chemical medicines.

 Suitable For Pregnant Women and Unborn Children

Expectant mothers are always with special needs so that their unborn child would stay safe. Folic acid is one of the main components for the proper formation of the unborn baby’s spinal cord, plus it also protects the child from various conditions such as spina bifida. But it is also beneficial for mother's too because it will provide them with energy boost required for a successful pregnancy. Beetroot is rich in folic acid so that is another reason for making it a part of your everyday menu. 

Beetroot Increases Your Energy

If you are tired all the time, perhaps it is time to question your lifestyle and eating habits. Your constant fatigue can be solved quickly, with the help of a beautiful beetroot. Apart from iron, beetroot also contains nitrate that is crucial for dilating your arteries and hence improving the flow of oxygen to all the parts of your body. One you have enough oxygen in your body, you also have more energy for completing the everyday tasks and assignments. Also, high iron levels in beetroot make sure you have enough power and stamina. You may add beetroot salad to your daily meals and thus receive an inexhaustible source of health and energy.

With Beetroot, Your Sexual Health Is Assured 

As already mentioned, beetroot contains high levels of nitrate that broadens your blood vessels and makes sure every part of your body receives oxygen and blood very fast. Of course, nitrate also increases blood flow to your genitals. In addition, research has shown that this unusual vegetable contains a chemical that plays a significant role in the production of the human sex hormone, which means that beetroot is a natural Viagra. So, why would you use chemical substances that harm your health, when you can have completely natural and extremely healthy vegetable in your everyday diet.

Beetroot may not be pleasant to eat at the first taste. But it is really effective in fighting many health issues so you may try a natural beetroot juice powder instead. You can add it to your smoothies, and still have full benefits. The choice is entirely yours.

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