Everything you need to know about food grade diatomaceous earth

August 28, 2016

Everything you need to know about food grade diatomaceous earth


Unfortunately, there are still many different health conditions all around the world that make people suffer. That is why pharmaceutical companies continually make new medications that should help in treating numerous illnesses. But it seems that people simply don't trust pills anymore, and they are more interested in trying some alternative methods, by using natural ingredients. Usually, those are various plants, herbs, oils, and so on, but there are also some other completely natural remedies that can improve your general health condition. Diatomaceous Earth is definitively one of them.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth And How To Use It?

Diatomaceous Earth is, in fact, a piece of stone - though an ancient one - since it is derived from the remains of oceanic unicellular algae that were fossilised some 30 million years ago. Today this antique mineral can usually be found in a form of white powder and people use it for different purposes. Due to its incredible impact on human body more and more people use it as a supplement to various food and drinks such as milk, orange juice, coffee, smoothies, yoghurt, etc. It would be the best to take a small dose of it on an empty stomach.

What Makes It So Unique?

The answer to such a question would be silica. Namely, Diatomaceous Earth is almost entirely made of silica, which is crucial for one's  tendons, cartilage, blood vessels, and bones. This nutrient affects nearly every organ in the human body from the heart and liver to lungs and kidneys. In the past, people used to get silica mostly from food but after the modern farming process was implemented most of the soil got completely depleted of this essential mineral. That is why today we can get only 1/3 of the silica we need by eating organic food. But with regular intake of Diatomaceous Earth, your body will completely satisfy its needs for silica and thus continue to work normally.

Diatomaceous Earth Is A Great Detoxifier

For all those who need detoxification, diatomaceous earth is a great chance to clean their bodies from harmful toxins and other substances contained within the body. Diatomaceous Earth will most certainly kill numerous viruses, as well as parasites contained in your organism, and what is more, your blood will be cleaned too. This incredible fossil shell flour will make sure to clean your digestive tract and increase the functioning of your liver, but perhaps most importantly, Diatomaceous Earth is said to remove heavy metals from your blood. According to research conducted in the USA, aluminium is easily removed from the body with the assistance of Diatomaceous Earth.

You Can Lower Blood Cholesterol With Diatomaceous Earth

Almost two decades ago, the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth had been discovered during several research projects. Namely, a study was conducted on around 20 people who had high cholesterol. They were given Diatomaceous Earth three times per day, and the tests have shown that their cholesterol was significantly reduced. Four weeks after they have stopped taking Diatomaceous Earth, their cholesterol levels were still low, which proves that Diatomaceous Earth can largely contribute to one's overall health by reducing harmful substances in human body.

It Makes Your Skin, Nails And Hair Healthier

Diatomaceous Earth is a very strong abrasive, and hence it can be used as a face mask that removes dead skin cells from your face or the rest of the body. In this way, your face will not seem tired or worse, old. Sometimes Diatomaceous Earth is also used as toothpaste. Hence, should you like to have blissfully white and healthy teeth, you may well use Diatomaceous Earth to brush your teeth from time to time. 

All the ladies (and gentlemen) who fight thin hair can now sigh because Diatomaceous Earth will make their worries simply vanish. Namely, regular usage of Diatomaceous Earth during your hair wash will lead your hair to grow much faster and thatch, and only a few weeks after starting your treatment, you will undoubtedly notice the progress since many new hairs will be visible. 

And if you yearn to have long, strong, and healthy nails, do not doubt the incredible wonders of Diatomaceous Earth. Brittle nails can now be forgotten, since regular usage of Diatomaceous Earth will get them stronger than ever. You will finally have the opportunity to have your own, coloured and polished nails.

Controlling Parasites In Your Body

The numerous studies conducted in recent years, and related to Diatomaceous Earth have found that this fossil shell flour controls parasites in your body. For that reason, you don't have to worry that some parasites and fungus will grow insensibly in your body. Take Diatomaceous Earth in your body on a regular basis, and stop fearing that you will have some major health issues. Actually, you can be carefree since no health issues will be present after some time of consuming Diatomaceous Earth. 

Weight Loss

It seems many people today have problems with obesity, and they are spending a lot of money on various diets and pills. But the best way to deal with too many pounds is by using natural ingredients and Diatomaceous Earth will help you with that. It will effectively lower the level of cholesterol in your body, help you with any bowel dysfunction and constipation, plus lower your blood pressure. All of these will help you lose any extra weight faster than any pill or other medicaments. 

The benefits of Diatomaceous Earth are indeed numerous, and they also include proper heart functioning, having stronger bones, fighting cancer, and so on. Hence, should you by any chance doubt the wellbeing of an excellent fossil flour, make sure you investigate it thoroughly. You will surely be amazed by what Diatomaceous Earth can do.

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