Magnesium deficiency: The serious problem no one knows about

October 01, 2016

Magnesium deficiency: The serious problem no one knows about

Many people today lead a fast and stressful lifestyle that can seriously affect their health. Since they usually don't have enough time for anything, and especially not for cooking, they often eat various fast food products or something similar. Although they feel fed in fact, their body is starving because it didn't get enough of required nutrients. That is the reason why many people suffer from all kinds of lacks and deficiencies. One of them, which is equally important as all the others, is undoubtedly magnesium deficiency.

Why Is Magnesium Important?
Magnesium is one of the principal minerals that our body uses for normal functioning. Almost every organ needs some quantities of magnesium so it can work properly but our muscles, including heart, and kidneys simply can't operate without it at all. Many people suffer from magnesium deficiency and are not even aware of it because most of this mineral is stored in our bones and organs, and not in the blood. That is why it is so hard to detect the correct amount of magnesium in our body.

What Are the Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency?
There are, of course, other ways to recognise mineral deficiency since such a condition has many symptoms. Among many other, fatigue and muscular pains or cramps are the earliest signs you will start to feel if your body isn't getting a proper intake of magnesium. High blood pressure, constipation, loss of appetite, insomnia and confusion are also possible indications of deficiency. And if you don't react immediately even more severe symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, continued muscle contractions, nausea, vomiting, personality changes, delirium, hallucinations, can also show up and even lead to heart failure and death. Therefore, you should try to get enough of magnesium to your body, but also try to prevent most common causes of this condition such as poor diet, alcohol abuse or stress.

Foods Rich in Magnesium
We can't help you much with getting rid of stress or alcohol, but we can help you choose foods that contain high levels of magnesium. Raw chocolate is on the top of the table of foods rich in magnesium with around 300mg of this mineral in just 100g of chocolate. Since it is also very delicious, you should not have any problems adding it to your everyday menu. Raw chocolate can easily be combined with fruit which is rich in magnesium such as, for example, avocado. This amazing fruit is loaded with minerals and vitamins and together with raw chocolate it will be a real magnesium bomb. In addition, bananas are an excellent source of magnesium too, no matter whether you eat them raw or blend them into a smoothie. Together with raw chocolate and avocado they can make a winning combination in defeating or preventing magnesium deficiency.
Also, nuts and seeds are particularly filled with all the kinds of minerals and especially with magnesium. Pumpkin seeds have a lot of magnesium. In fact, they contain so much magnesium that you will need only a half of cup of pumpkin seeds to satisfy your daily needs of this mineral. Other seeds such as almonds, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, cashews, pine nuts, flaxseed, and pecans, will do a great job with providing your body with magnesium too. Hence, you can pick a different nut every day or simply combine them.
Fish is also a good choice, but you should try to get mackerel, wild salmon, halibut, or tuna because they are absolutely packed with magnesium. They are also rich in vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, plus they are super delicious, and for these reasons you should have fish for dinner at least once a week.
Even though magnesium deficiency is sometimes hard to recognise, experts say that listening to our body is perhaps the key to identifying all the possible health issues and difficulties. Therefore, just pay attention to what your body tells you, how it reacts to your lifestyle, and accordingly, try to introduce better diet and better life habits. Perhaps you already have some kind of magnesium deficiency, but you were not thinking about such a body language as a possible health issue.
With fulfilling these few simple steps, you will rarely visit your doctor, and moreover, you will feel excellent. Your body will be more than thankful.

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