Raw cacao powder vs cocoa: is it the same thing?

June 16, 2016

Raw cacao powder vs cocoa: is it the same thing?

If you love chocolate, like most people, you could be familiar with cacao and cocoa. All these foods and products are closely connected, mainly because the delicious chocolate comes from the cacao beans.

By paying attention to the modern health revolution, we will hear a lot that the chocolate is good for us and our healthy goals. The truth is quite different, actually. That’s why is really important to look for the facts and know the differences between these foods.

During this occasion, we must talk about the differences between the raw cacao powder and the cocoa, which are often mixed up and confused by people. Knowing what difference these two foods have is key to understanding which one we can consume without doing things wrong for our health goals.

Meanwhile, people are still making the same mistake by confusing these two different products. First, the raw cacao powder is the most natural form of cocoa bean. These are cold-pressed and become a consumable powder in many ways.

Once the cacao seeds become powder, the process finish. In that point, the raw cacao powder is ready for distribution. So, we can consider it the most natural way to consume “chocolate powder”.

The case of the cocoa is quite different. To make this product, the same raw cacao powder goes through a heating process, where it get roasted. By getting roasted, the rich enzyme content of the raw cacao powder is wasted and the final result is not as healthy as it was at first.

While they look almost the same and chocolate makers use both products, the raw cacao powder is several times healthier. Also, in its unprocessed condition, it’s part of the exclusive superfoods group.

Benefits of the Raw Cacao Powder

As you can expect, the raw cacao powder comes with many benefits to our health. Unfortunately for cocoa lovers, the roasting process mentioned before takes away the healthy property the raw cacao powder do enjoy.

The first great benefit of the raw cacao powder we can mention is its massive content of flavonoids, which are a type of antioxidant polyphenols. According to research, flavonoids does an outstanding job reducing inflammation and helping the cardiovascular system to be healthy and work properly.

The abundant minerals are another notable benefit of the raw cacao powder. Magnesium, sulphur, potassium, calcium, manganese and iron are many of the elements presents in this amazing raw food.

Along with valuable content in protein, raw cacao powder also offers healthy fats and fiber. Several vitamins in the B family are present as well. Anandamide, a well-known organic component that stimulates euphoria, is one of the main elements we can found in the raw presentation of cacao.

For similar purposes, our brain increases the serotonin levels when we consume raw cacao powder. This hormone gives us an immediate mood boost, making us feel better.

Lovers can take the most from raw cacao powder due its high content of phenethylamine, also known as PEA. This is an element that stimulates the endorphin products in the body and works and an aphrodisiac.

Finally, we can mention the amazing energy capabilities this raw food has. The same magnesium content works by counteracting the negative effects of fatigue. People with low levels of daily energy can see a quick boost in physical and mental endurance by consuming raw cacao powder.

Paying attention to the superfoods around can give us plenty of benefits. At the same time, having enough knowledge to differentiate similar products is key to create a proper diet for out healthy goals.

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