Silica – The most important trace element in human health

May 05, 2017

Silica – The most important trace element in human health

With a growing popularity of organic food and healthy way of living, people are becoming more aware of various deficiencies. This is a positive trend, because a lack of vital nutrients can cause serious health conditions. Luckily, scientists have found many, completely natural supplements that can help us deal with deficiencies, and silica has become the latest favourite, for a good reason, though. Silica is a crucial trace mineral that people sometimes like to call "the beauty mineral". It has numerous positive aspects on the human body and nutritionists strongly recommend its regular intake. 

Where Can We Find Silica?

Silica, the most widespread mineral on Earth apart from oxygen, cannot be found in all the foods like it could be found in the past. It is due to food processing, soil nutrient depletion, and adding chemicals to the foods. However, we can still find silica in fruits, vegetables and other organic foods like cucumbers, tomatoes, wheatgrass, romaine lettuce, capsicum, radish, and so on. But, the best source of silica today is the diatomaceous earth with 89% silica. Having in mind how important silica is for human health and body functions, we bring you rather a short list of health benefits provided by regular silica intake and proper silica levels in your body.

Silica Is Essential For Joint Health

When we reach the certain age, we start to feel some particular health issues that remind us we are not as young as we once used to be. Arthritis and severe joint pains become everyday activities because our body lacks collagen which is essential for healthy joints, ligaments, and cartilage. But silica is also important because it improves collagen effects by giving them more strength and elasticity. And with those improvements, your joints will become more flexible and will start to heal faster.

An Excellent Element to Preserve the Health of Your Heart

Research has shown that people who have healthy hearts contain more silica levels in their bodies than those who have heart issues. The main reason for such results is the fact that silica strengthens muscle tissue, but also aids the body with the calcium and thus prevents the calcification of other tissues. Hence, if you suffer from a heart disease, it would be helpful to use diatomaceous earth and so improve the strength of your primary muscle in the body. 

Bone Health Is Assured With Proper Silica Levels

Everybody knows that calcium is the vital mineral for a healthy bone development. But fewer people are aware that silica improves effects that calcium has on our body. Namely, silica makes our body use calcium more efficiently thus helping in preserving or even improving your bone density. And with our skeleton becoming firm, less are the chances of bone fractures. Plus, don't forget that our teeth and gums also benefit from calcium and silica too. 

Hair, Skin, and Nails Are Healthier with Silica

What makes your nails strong, and your hair shiny and beautiful is, of course, silica. This trace element is naturally found in nails, and when the levels of silica go down in your body, the first alarm are the brittle nails that grow slower than before. What is more, silica is responsible for making skin elastic and soft. Therefore, should you retain your nails, skin and hair beautiful and young, pay attention to your diet and silica intakes. 

Silica Defends Our Immune System

As already stated, silica plays a vital part in the overall health of skin, as well as digestive tissue. For that reason, silica is responsible for preventing various illnesses and infections. Skin and our digestive system are the first lines of defence. That is why we should pay particular attention to silica intakes since it can be crucial in defending your body against lethal diseases. 

Detoxification with Silica

It is required to cleanse your body from time to time and silica will be a great detox material. Studies have proved that silica is excellent at removing all kinds of toxins,  heavy metals and other waste material from the human organism. This also includes removing aluminium that seems to be one of the leading causes of Alzheimer's.

How to Correct Silica Deficiency?

We are all more or less silica deficient nowadays. That is why adding silica to our everyday diet is of high importance. In case you are one of those, silica deficient people, you can correct the deficiency by taking a high-grade silica supplement. Experts and nutritionists recommend diatomaceous earth that contains high levels of silica, an essential mineral to build strong bones, teeth, and nails. 

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