The astounding benefits of spirulina

March 01, 2017

The astounding benefits of spirulina

Perhaps you did not hear about spirulina before, or maybe you heard the word, but it never came to your mind to conduct a small research and discover more about it. To many people, the word 'spirulina' comes as a surprise since the name is quite odd. But in fact, it is rather an astounding superfood that provides you with numerous health benefits due to its spectacular nutritional value. Becoming aware of its health benefits, more and more people start introducing spirulina into their regular diet. 

However, before our discussion about the amazing health benefits spirulina provides us with, we need to state that spirulina is among the oldest forms of life on Earth. At the matter of fact, Spirulina is a microscopic blue-green alga which was well-known among the people in Central America as well as among those around the African Lake of Chad. Spirulina is, in fact, a unicellular organism. It uses water, light, warmth and minerals to produce vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, and other different vital components. In recent years, experts have conducted many studies on spirulina to confirm its indisputable value. That is why we bring you rather a short list of health benefits the protein queen, spirulina, provides.

Protein Queen – Suitable For Vegans

Experts usually call spirulina a protein queen since about 70% of its content is actually protein. Such a protein concentration is not found in any other food in the world. Being this high in protein also means that it is packed with all the eight essential amino acids. For that reason, vegetarians and vegans are more than welcome to consume spirulina as often as they can.

Abounds With Various Vitamins And Minerals

If everyone knew how wide the array of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients found is spirulina is, this alga would be the most popular food in the whole world. A wide variety of vitamins in spirulina include B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, and B12 with the highest percentage, but there are also many other vitamins found in smaller, but significant dosages like vitamin E, K1, and K2. When it comes to minerals, one can mostly benefit with the high intakes of iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and manganese. All of these are crucial for performing chemical processes in your organism, so you better take them in on a daily basis. 

Spirulina Boosts Your Immune System

Aside from being incredibly rich in different nutrients, spirulina is known as cell regeneration promoter. Hence, it is great to use for the faster healing of wounds. But what is more, one can use spirulina to recover more quickly from an illness like the flu, and cold. It seems that with regular spirulina intakes, there is no place for any kind of a disease. 

Excellent Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Spirulina is among the rare superfoods that abound with Gamma-Linoleic Acid (GLA), which is the most potent anti-inflammatory agent. For that reason, spirulina is very popular with all age groups, but women use it in particular since the Gamma-Linoleic Acid mitigates the PMS symptoms. Moreover, pregnant women are recommended to consume spirulina due to its incredible calcium levels. Namely, it has been proved that spirulina contains 26-times calcium of milk. So, all the pregnant ladies should introduce it to their diet as soon as possible.

Reduces Blood Pressure As Well As Cholesterol

As you already know, high blood pressure is doing no good to anyone, and it is often the initiator of many severe illnesses. That is why it is of top most importance to keep your blood pressure in the normal range. However, not all the people can do so without additional supplements. Modern times have brought us many different medications for blood pressure regulation, but one of the oldest and healthiest medicaments, spirulina, seems to be forgotten. Luckily, more people turn to natural ways of healing, and they recognise the benefits of spirulina as valuable. In addition, introducing spirulina into your diet will lower your cholesterol levels. Namely, 1 gramme of spirulina per day significantly reduces triglyceride levels (by 16.3%), and LDL levels (by 10.1%).

Effective Against Anaemia

One of the most common modern health disorders is the one that considers a reduction in the number of red blood cells or haemoglobin. It is, of course, called anaemia. It can be healed or preserved naturally through consumption of many various mineral-rich foods. And spirulina should be the first on the list since it is super rich in iron, and other minerals needed to improve haemoglobin levels in your blood.

Powerful Antioxidant That Successfully Fights Cancer

There is substantial evidence that spirulina has powerful anti-cancer properties. Being an anti-oxidant, it is quite clear that spirulina takes a part in combat against cell and DNA damage. According to one research conducted in India, people who regularly consumed spirulina saw a regression in tumours in a period of one year. Moreover, the size of tumours is significantly reduced with a regular spirulina intake. Thus, spirulina intakes may either prevent or heal various types of cancer, and oral cancer in the first place. 

Many other benefits of taking spirulina are not mentioned in the article, but you should know that this protein queen is something you should consume from now on. You can combine spirulina with almost anything you eat, from smoothies and fresh juices to salads, puddings, and chocolate desserts. Therefore, grab your spirulina supplements as soon as possible and improve your general health. 

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