What exactly is this baobab powder?

July 02, 2016

What exactly is this baobab powder?

Do you believe you are up to date with the latest superfood powders? You finally figured out what’s the deal with chlorella and spirulina, but it looks like that there is another super efficient form of powder that is becoming very popular – baobab superfood powder. 

What is baobab?

Baobab is a tree that has a unique form. Many people say that it looks like a tree that is turned upside down (because the crown of the tree looks like roots). This tree can grow up to 30 meters. Some say that there are living Baobab trees that are more than two thousand years old, but this is not easy to determine because baobab trees don’t have tree rings. This tree has fruits that are a little bit woody and look like gourds. Their pulp is very sweet. The baobab superfood powder we have mentioned before comes from the fruits of this tree.

Where is it from?

Baobab tree grows naturally in Africa, Australia and Madagascar. 

Baobab powder nutritional content

It is not an exaggeration if we say that the powder that comes from baobab fruit is one of the powders with the best nutritional content. This superfood is packed with essential acids, minerals and vitamins. For instance, studies have shown that it contains up to six times more vitamin C compared to oranges. We all know that milk is a good source of calcium which is why we are drinking it in the first place. It turns out that baobab contains two times more calcium. In addition, it is loaded with antioxidants, much more than goji berries. It is also rich in iron and phosphorus.

Baobab powder: health benefits 

Stabilizes blood pressure and cholesterol 

Baobab superfood powder is rich in pectin which makes it ideal for stabilization of the level of cholesterol. Due to the fact that this powder has significant amount of potassium, it can also be helpful to people suffering from hypertension. Finally, it is able to ease inflammations that can lead to cardiovascular disease and strokes.

Manages blood sugar levels and supports digestion

More than one scientific study has confirmed that the use of baobab superfood powder in beverages or food has positive impact on blood sugar control. Additionally, the fiber found in this superfood support digestion, prolong the feeling of satiety and burn fat layers. Calcium is here to support the work of the digestive enzymes. 

Immune system booster

It is not unusual for modern people who are working hard and dealing with high amount of stress to have a weakened immune system. This is where baobab superfood powder comes into play. It calms the body and mind and soothes weakness and fatigue. With its help people can improve concentration, mental focus and alertness. One teaspoon of this powder can help you reenergize in a matter of minutes.

Other benefits

In addition, this powder helps weight loss, detoxifies the body, eliminates stress, enhances skin health and regulates the work of hormones.

Baobab superfood powder is used by thousands of people and now you know why you should start taking it too!

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