What is adrenal fatigue and how can you address it?

July 14, 2016

What is adrenal fatigue and how can you address it?

If you are a person that always feel the need to sleep more and you just can’t find the energy to do anything, then you might feel that something is wrong. And even if the blood results are good and you feel that way, there’s still an explanation. The issue is called adrenal fatigue and while it’s not that recognised by doctors, more and more people deal with it on a daily basis.

What is adrenal fatigue?

This is a condition that has appeared this century and it’s generated by stress that has a negative impact on the adrenal glands. Having too much stress on these glands will lead to a lot of problems such as the ability to regenerate properly.


If you are always tired and want to sleep more and more, need to stay addicted to sugar and coffee or you just have a groggy feeling all the time, then you might have adrenal fatigue. The same happens if you have the inability to handle stress, if you want junk food, have a low sex drive, hair that’s getting thing, if you have issues keeping weight and you gain weight fast or if you are always depressed and deal with digestive issues.


The main cause in this situation is a lot of stress on your body. Stress will deal to a lot of coffee drinking, lack of sleep, lots of junk food and other bad things. You can find 4 stages of adrenal fatigue. The first ones are basically a warning that your body will be slowing down and the third one focuses on extreme fatigue that you tend to feel all the time. Lastly, you will experience burnouts that will make you unable to perform anything physical. Even if this happens, steroids are definitely not the answer, nor hormones for that matter.

 What you have to do in this particular situation is to change your life properly and you have to nurture yourself the right way. Sleeping is mandatory and you have to create then maintain a good sleeping schedule. If you can go to bed early then that’s great, as it will help you regenerate the lost energy very fast.

Your diet is also important. While you have to avoid junk food, you do need to eat healthy and a lot. If you do go hungry then you will have problems with the adrenal glands so eating once a few hours is a very good idea. Combine healthy fats with protein, carbs and any other similar combinations will work great as well. These will help you stay full for a long period of time and you do want that to happen. 

We also recommend you to use juices. The superfoods found in powder form are very good and they can provide your body with the right nutrients. We recommend you to drink around 1.5 liters of water per day. You also need to focus on offering your body immediate access to vitamins like B, C and magnesium as they can help deal with adrenal fatigue.

Aside of that, we also recommend you to focus on coconut kefir or sauerkraut, not to mention that Siberian ginseng, liquirice roots, ashwagandha or rhodiola can also be an option. Maca root is by far the best option here so you should focus on using it as it  is a great adrenal booster and it will help you. Keep in mind that dealing with severe adrenal fatigue can take a few years so focus on eating healthy, staying fit and sleeping properly to get the best outcome!

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