What's So Great About Chia Seeds?

August 23, 2016

What's So Great About Chia Seeds?

Leading a healthy way of life has become a global trend, and people are constantly looking for some new natural medicines, herbs or seeds that will improve their health. Many of us have heard that chia seeds are among the top superfoods one can get on the market. But others have not, and that is why it is high time for them to get familiar with all the benefits of the chia seeds. They can be easily added to the regular menu, and they are filled with nutritive elements, plus they are easy to digest. Aztecs used them for long marches; the Mayans used it for strength, but the energy is not the only thing you will get from the chia seeds, on the contrary. 

Today, we can soak them in water or milk overnight, and in the morning, we will get a tasty and moreover healthy chia-gel. However, if all these reasons are not enough for you to search these magnificent seeds on the market, then make sure you carefully read the next few things about chia.

Chis Seeds Are Responsible For Boosting Muscle And Losing Weight

There is a good reason why the ancient people called the chia seeds the "runner's food". If you enjoy going to the gym, or you want to lose weight, and perhaps gain some muscles and stay fit, the chia seeds will be perfect for your needs. Namely, this superfood is rich in proteins that are crucial for getting muscles, burning fat, and balancing your blood sugar levels. Also, chia seeds have a dozen of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron and niacin, which you will need while exercising. 

Chia Seeds Guarantee Digestive Health

Digestive issues are tough to cope with, and only those who have faced them once in their life know the actual difficulties one can go through during the digestive problem phase. But chia seeds are perhaps the best solution when it comes to digestive health regulation. They are rich in fibre, and nutritionists state that one serving of these incredible seeds provides enough fibre for the whole day. This way, chia seeds will enable proper and regular bowel movement, and you will have a healthy stool. What is more, since chia immediately expands in your stomach, it makes you feel full, so that by consuming chia seeds, you will most certainly eat less food and you will thus stay in a good shape. 

The Health of Your Heart May Depend on Chia Seeds

Many benefits of chia seeds include the ability to mitigate inflammation, the capability to decrease blood pressure as well as the capacity to regulate cholesterol. All of these welfares are crucial for proper functioning of our heart. For instance, Chia seeds are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids that mainly affect the decrease of bad cholesterol, and of a blood pressure. Moreover, having in mind that inflammation is a dangerous health issue that can put a strain on your blood vessels, and thus cause you to get a heart disease, you should be familiar with the fact that chia seeds' high omega-3 levels work hard to cope with inflammation. Hence, they protect you and your heart from getting critical heart-related conditions.

Diabetes Regulations Is Easier With Chia Seeds

As already stated, chia seeds are rich in fibre, as well as in alpha-linolenic acid which makes them excellent for preventing metabolic disorders. Chia seeds are insulin resistant, and they help in preventing dyslipidemia. These two are the main factors responsible for developing diabetes. The studies conducted on rats with diabetes showed that after only two months of a diet rich in chia seeds, the rats have completely recovered from their condition. Therefore, chia seeds are an important additive to our diet, and all those who take them on a regular basis will most surely have healthier and better way of life.

Dental Health Is Assured With Chia

If you are afraid of the dentist, then you should pay attention to your dental health. This means you need to have a regular intake of elements such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc and Vitamin A, among others. Chia seeds are filled with all of these, particularly with calcium that is the building block of teeth as well as with zinc which has antibacterial effects, thus preventing bad breath. You will also get required levels of Vitamin A, and phosphorus from the chia seeds and they will keep your teeth strong.   

Chia Seeds Decrease the Risk of Pancreas Cancer

Some older surveys have suggested that the chia seeds may increase the potential of getting the pancreas cancer, but the newest research proved quite the opposite. It is just important to drink a lot of water and of course, consume the moderate amounts of chia seeds.

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