Why Drinking Coffee Every Day is Not Such a Good Idea

June 17, 2016

Why Drinking Coffee Every Day is Not Such a Good Idea

Before you reach for that morning cup of coffee, you might want to consider how drinking coffee everyday can be harmful to your body. There is a lot of caffeine in coffee, and when you have such high levels of caffeine every day, chances are you’ll end up addicted and needing to drink more and more to get the same effects. 

What Happens to Your Body On Caffeine?

The energy you get from caffeine doesn’t last very long and leaves us wanting even more, to keep us going on the caffeine high instead of the crash that follows it. Every high is followed by a low and we never want to ride it out, we want to just grab another mug of coffee and keep our day going. The more caffeine you drink and the longer you do it, the less of an effect it will have on your body in general and you’ll start to never feel the high but always feel the lows. If you drank a lot of coffee for even a week, by day 6, you wouldn’t notice a difference in how you feel after your morning cup of coffee and a lot of people have been drinking coffee every day for much longer than a week.

Healthier Coffee Alternatives

Instead of drinking lots of coffee, tea, or soda, how about drinking something which will actually benefit your body? Drinking water and coffee substitutes like Matcha powder green tea will keep your system flushed and clean as well as keeping you hydrated. While it is true that Matcha powder has amounts of caffeine, the amounts are not as high as that of coffee and the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

While you can still have coffee every now and then, you might want to quit coffee drinking in enormous portions or drinking it daily. If you only have a cup of coffee every now and then, your body will be able to react quickly and you will be functional but if you are drinking several cups of coffee each day, you will lose all the beneficial perks of coffee and be left with the negatives. Consider finding healthier coffee alternatives like water and Matcha powder green tea and quit coffee so your body can have a break. Once you have found your favourite coffee substitutes and have quit drinking coffee, you might have withdrawal systems but they will be gone after a week at the most and you’ll feel more energised throughout the day.

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